Archive Manager

Archive Manager Box ShotUnlike almost all other archiving solutions, Archive Manager doesn't try to store your files in a database. Instead it uses a share that you create anywhere on your network. Because of this it is probably the fastest and most reliable piece of file archiving software in the world. It maintains the NTFS permissions on your files and folders after they have been archived (unlike most database centred products), and it has all the features you'd expect. These include shortcuts that can be left behind so that users can recall files without needing to trouble IT staff, and as it doesn't require a database server so it is extremely cost effective to deploy. You can even use it to archive over a WAN.

Process Controller

Process Controller Image Process Controller lets you take control of the process running on your systems. It enables you to utilize the processing priority engine already built into Windows to control how processor time is distributed amongst all running processes. Using Process Controller you can automatically prioritise running processes, thus making systems far more responsive to the end user. An absolutely invaluable tool in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.