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Archive Manager 2.42 now available.
If you haven't seen Archive Manager before then your in for a treat. Archive Manager provides fully featured file archiving without using a database. All it needs is an empty share on your network.

Almost infinitely scalable, blisteringly fast, totally reliable and extremely cost effective to deploy.

Version 2.42 extends and refines the functionality of Archive Manager adding several new features. Click here to read the release notes.

What if you cold have your own internal search engine?
CISearch.Net is an amazing piece of software. In a nutshell it installs on one of your servers and then sets about indexing and cataloguing all of the content in your Exchange Environment and network file system.

Users can then perform searches against your entire file system using a set of ASP.Net web pages hosted on the server. You can search based on all sorts of document properties, but with its InteliQuery(tm) optimisations normally all you need to do is enter a few keywords and hit 'Search'.

A typical query against 1.5 million files will take less than a second......



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