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Archive Manager is a one of a kind archiving solution for content stored in network shares, there really is nothing else like it.

Its revolutionary design makes it the most reliable, cost effective and scalable server archiving software solution on the marketArchive Manager - File Archiving  today. Nothing else even comes close.

For the last 12 years Archive Manager has been the 'go to' choice for organisations both large and small who are looking for an efficient, reliable and flexible solution to managing the lifecycle of content held in network file systems.

It is in use with a huge range and number of organisations, from multi-billion dollar multinational financial organisations to military contractors, sheriff’s departments, health authorities and everything in between.

If we were to list out all the features of Archive Manager we would need several pages, it has been evolving and improving for over a decade after all! Below are some of the headline ones...

  • Enterprise class unlimited capacity file archiving solution for less than £1000.

  • Full Unicode support for most of the file system character sets in the world including English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and many more (including file systems with multiple character sets!)

  • Support for file paths greater than the Windows supported maximum of 260 characters (supports file paths up to 32,000 characters long!)

  • Ultra reliable design, no central point of failure. The secret? Enterprise class File archiving software that doesn't shoehorn files into a database.....

  • Performance that does not degrade no matter how much you have archived.

  • NTFS permissions and file attributes that are 100% preserved at all times.

  • The directory structure holding each file that gets archived is also 100% preserved at all times.

  • True seamless links to archived files are available without the need for any client software.

  • Full support for Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012.

  • Free trial version that is fully featured with the exception of a 50 file per run limit.

  • Absolutely no drivers, client side software or agents are needed, anywhere. Archive Manager is a true clientless file archiving solution.

Archive Manager Deployment Diagram

We don't believe in quoting techno jibberish like 'Active Virtualized Archiving' to try and make our product sound impressive, we dont need to. Archive Manager gets the job done faster, more reliably and cheaper than anything else on the market.Server Room 2

Thats a bold statement sure, but we know its the truth. You will too if you take advantage of the free trial licence Archive Manager installs with and you see for yourself what Archive Manager can do!

Fllexible options let you get to grips with your files in the way that you want to. You can use a whole range of criteria and different options to set up a comprehensive archiving policy for all of your unstructured data.

Support is offered for most network file systems including Windows Server shares, NAS and CIFS shares directly hosted on SAN's.

Archive Manager is capable of handling everything from small branch office file systems, to the PetByte sized storage environments in the largest of data centre. In fact, it has proven to be one of the only  archiving systems that can effortlessly cope with the massive ammounts of data that are held in some of our clients international data centers.

All of the information regarding where a file has been archived from and too is maintained in the file system itself through the clever use of directory structures and file properties.

Why not see for yourself?



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